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Custom Built Computers

DMD Computer Service can build a custom computer for your needs or your specifications, if desired. We have built many computer systems used in the area that have saved people large amounts of money.

Why have a computer custom built?

The answer is simple: Companies like Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, and Sony are companies we call "off-the-shelf companies." One size does not fit all people. Maybe you are a business professional that needs more computing power than someone who only wishes to get on the Internet and surf now and then. Maybe you are a "gamer" that needs a powerful video card and faster front side buss speed, etc.

What most people do not know about Dell, and other companies, is that- ok, you purchase an extended warranty that cost anywhere between $125 to over $300... did you know that if you contract a computer virus infection, or have spyware problems, Dell will NOT cover their warranty to fix your computer? That's right. They state in their computer service policy that they will not honor the original or extended warranty if your computer fails because of a computer virus, spyware, or any related problem caused by or from the Internet.

DMD Computer Service is here to help you after the sale. We understand that problems can happen when you have an Internet connection. You are vulnerable to computer viruses and spyware problems. That is why we not only offer a 30 days full warranty for parts and labor on the computers we build- we also offer to remove viruses and spyware from your computer up to three (3) times within that first year of warranty at no charge!

Of course, we will show you how to keep from being so vulnerable when on the Internet. Moreover, we are here for you 100% after the sale. Because we value you and your business with us. We are local and not some big company that is going to keep you on the phone for literally hours to fix your problem. You call us- we respond to your problems immediately.

We are really nice people once you get to know us-- and we treat your needs and problems (if any) like they are our own because we want to stay in business- and because we really do care. We "put the shoe on our own foot"-- and we wouldn't want to be treated any other way than the right way-- giving you good service and consideration.

Please call or email us today, and we will give you a free price quote on a computer that you will be proud to use and own!