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DMD Computer Service


At DMD Computer Service we understand. Computers are complicated and confusing. Who wants to be on hold for 30 minutes only to find tech support isn't too supportive No matter if you need basic help installing software on your pc or serious repair work. Our technicians at the DMD Computer Service will provide a solution for You

In addition to building and selling PCs we also sell parts, such as CD-ROMs, Hard Drives, Mice, Keyboards, and many other items. Why get a new computer? Upgrade the one you have now and Save!

Everyone is familiar with the stereotypical “computer nerd.” They can only talk in highly technical terms, and most of the time they are talking down to you. A good computer consultant should be able to converse with you on a normal level. They should be able to convey complex technical ideas so anyone can understand the goals, risks, and benefits. A good computer consultant should reflect, in their words and actions, that your business is valued and appreciated. We strive to offer you the best service at a reasonable cost AND we will do it without a lot of “Techo speak”.

We are dedicated to providing Customers with prompt, efficient service within a friendly and professional atmosphere. Serving every customer with the same grade of services each and every time. Our business strives on strong customer relations and excellent services. Our services are professional and fair priced. Our sales selection is extensive and fair priced. We are your one stop computer shop !!

There's absolutely no risk to you.

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We are here to help if you are having problems. We might be able to help. Just Join the Forum and ask that Question. Like I said we might be able to answer that question.


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